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boss sounds for the ladies

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hello, ladies!

welcome to get_up_edina, a place for us to ignore the boys and talk reggae, style and interests of the feminine persuasion.

Everyone is welcome here, just as long as they comply to the few rules that there are and listen to the administrators.

The rules are simple:

some simple rules...
-if you have large pictures, please use an LJ CUT!
-Drama will NOT be tolerated. We are NOT scenesters and don't put up with that shit.
-If you post auctions or promote a website, please do so in a fashion where it is not "spamming". i.e; Offering discounts to GUE members, offering discounted shipping, etc. There are communities made specifically for posting auctions, and this is not one of them, unless if you're willing to offer these special girls (and guys) some special deals!
-If either admin asks you something, please listen. We try to keep this community clean & fun, don't be a drama queen.

If you can't play by the rules, you will be banned.
Warnings happen first!
Play By the Rules so they aren't Enforced!

much love from your iron fists,
miss_upsetter & miauminx

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