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boss sounds for the ladies

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[22 Mar 2011|02:57pm]

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the mysterious (yet exciting!) Legends of Ska trailers that have made the rounds on the internet since 2002. Many often wondered if the movie would ever come out and be available for release.

Now is the time!!!! Brad Klein (aka General Moses) has launched a kickstarter campaign to get this movie finished, released, and pressed on a dvd. He needs your help to get this nearly decade old project done for your enjoyment!

Think of this like pre-ordering the dvd - with the current amount that has been contributed, 1654 people would need to "pre-order" the dvd to get it pressed. Are you very passionate about ska? Contribute more! Look at what else you could get for supporting this project:

Pledge $1 or more

$1 will give you POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and film updates.

Pledge $10 or more

POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and a digital download of a song from the Legends of Ska soundtrack and behind-the-scenes footage.

Pledge $25 or more

All the above AND a Legends of Ska DVD once the film is released, plus a b/w oval SKA sticker.

Pledge $50 or more

All the above AND a Legends of Ska concert poster from the 2002 event, plus a "special thanks" credit in the film.

Pledge $100 or more

All the above AND a copy of the official Legends of Ska soundtrack (LP, CD or digital version), an 8" x 10" b/w print from the Legends of Ska concert weekend, plus a genuinely enthusiastic "Thank You!" phone call from the filmmaker.

Pledge $250 or more

All the above AND a sincerely appreciative "Thank You!" phone call from one of the actual musicians from the Legends of Ska All-Star Skatalite Orchestra.

Pledge $500 or more

All the above AND have one of the Legends of Ska artists make you a personalized message for your mobile phone or answering machine.

Pledge $1,000 or more

All the above AND an Associate Producer film credit to go with a hug & a hardy handshake.

Pledge $5,000 or more

All the above AND have dinner with at least one of the singers or musicians from the film, the filmmaker and an invitation to a film editing session.

Pledge $10,000 or more

All the above AND drumroll please...... travel to Kingston, Jamaica in early summer 2011. You get down there and I'll cover the rest. We will tour "Beat Street" and visit original Sound System Dancehall sites while lodging at the low key Prestige Hotel. You will meet Ska legends Derrick Morgan, Stranger Cole and King Stitt as well as spend a night out in the country at the home of the great balladeer, Lord Creator. Cap off the week by chilling out in Negril for a couple days before returning to your home a changed person.

Please take a look at the new trailer,  contribute to this project, and be a part of getting this project completed!

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The Usuals reunion show [03 Jan 2011|09:45am]

Hey guys..Just a couple videos from the Usuals reunion show in Gainesville, FL last month.

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[18 Jun 2009|04:03pm]

Hey ladies, If anyone is still reading this blog, I just started a fashion blog for reggae lovers. It's all reggae inspired clothing. I try to feature a lot of styles and independent clothing makers. Feel free to send me any ideas for fashion that I should feature.

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Hello world [04 Apr 2009|05:24pm]

I joined a while back and I don't think I ever made an introductory post, so hello. I'm Mari. Naturally, I love rocksteady and traditional ska. My current favorite song is Desmond Dekker's "workout."

I would also like to seek out some advice since I imagine there are like minded folks here that know how to dress. I'm in search of a decent black handbag. Right now, I have a motorcycle bag from HnM that I bought almost a year ago. I fear it will not make it through April. I have been searching for a good black shoulder bag for months now and I admittedly have not found anything that great. Any suggestions? Anyone here extremely happy with her handbag? Thanks.
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[09 Jan 2009|02:43am]


I started podcasting again. It's been a long time. I'm not dj'ing all that much anymore, so it's nice to have an outlet. I also put up all the older podcasts I had previously posted that podomatic ate. how about I write another sentence with a lot of p's?

The new episode is some of my favorite soul songs.

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[05 Dec 2008|02:04pm]

TUK has a sale going on right now where everything on their site is 25% off until December 7th!

TUK not only carries shoes, they carry clothing & accessories from subcultural name brands like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, EC star, adeline, Rock Steady and more!

enter code "hohoho" at the checkout to get your 25% off

Also, I don't think I've posted here about how I've been blogging on my livejournal now about things I would've covered on my former website, Get Up Edina! I'm posting sales like this, recipes, some product reviews and little things here and there that may be of interest. All of these topics will be public, whereas my personal journal will stay private. Please feel free to add me if you're interested in one or both. It's much more simple for me to post one thing on there than cross posting to communities. This sale just had to get out to everyone!
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Blog [13 Nov 2008|09:39am]

 Hey y'all,
I just started a new blog that will feature lots of info, media, and other great stuff. I'm focusing primarily on ska and rocksteady, with some two tone. So check it out if you want. Suggestions are greatly appreciated because I'm very new to the whole blogging thing.
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[15 Oct 2008|12:01am]

Hey Gals! I just put two Fred Perrys up on ebay. Here's the link. Thanks for looking!

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[11 Oct 2008|04:10am]


Alton Ellis performing in Los Angeles, 2006...Accepting a lifetime achievement award


A very reliable source....not the Jamaican Gleaner, but his own son Owen & Jim Obasa (close friend of the Ellis family) have confirmed that Alton Ellis passed away at 4:45AM on October 11, 2008.


Thank you, Alton. Thank you for all the music that you've performed that has changed the lives of more than you could ever fathom!

Why birds follow spring
Like the sun follows the rainbow
Now why some people sing
When others bow their heads in sorrow
But oh, why some trees are so tall
While others they stay small
Why's yesterday like today
It follows tomorrow

But oh whoah, lala ladada la
Lalala da dadada laaaa laaaa

Oh, why some trees are so tall
While others they stay small

Why some trees, oooohh, are so tall
While others they stay small
Why's yesterday like today
It follows tomorrow

Why, ladadadada, why, somebody please

Why some trees are so tall
While others they stay small
La ladada la la lala
Laa lalala la la lala
Ladadad la la lalala....

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[09 Oct 2008|02:59pm]

There is yet to be a confirmed news source on the passing of Mr. Alton Ellis. For now, I will only consider this a rumor until a reliable news source posts it to be fact. There have been many rumors of his passing before, but all i've heard that is confirmed to be true is that he is fighting complications of Myeloma in London.

Alton Ellis was supposed to tour Japan later on this year, and I checked the rock-a-shacka website to find this -

This pretty much states that Alton's shows in November of this year will be postponed until after the new year due to his health, and to please pray for him.

This statement had to be posted relatively recently (as in, the last week or so) since I frequent both the R-A-S and D&B sites for podcasts.

Alton Ellis is 64 years old. Please pray for him & his family.

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[24 Apr 2008|11:26pm]


um...yes that is miley cryus wearing a studio one shirt.
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[15 Apr 2008|03:47pm]

so i've been replaying all my old ska comps recently and i've re-fallen in love with some bands. so if you guys could helpasista out and send me some songs, or know where i could find them, i'd appreciate it:

lone raspberry
the grovers/grovers headache
pocket lent
low pressure
channel 6

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[10 Jan 2008|04:00pm]

DIY Biore strip recipe

TRY IT! It smells horrible, but it works!!! It's a lot cheaper than those shitty biore strips.
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[23 Dec 2007|01:21pm]

hey everyone!

I dont know if you guys know about this site, but I'm totally, utterly obsessed with it. I've been trying to not spend ANY excess money, yet I still ache for excess shopping. It's just fun, ya know?

Anyway, I found a site called Kaboodle. it's pretty much a wishlist for the entire internet. If you're browsing online, and you see something you like, you click "add to my kaboodle", and it redirects you real quick and then you hit "ok" and it's on there. If you do want to buy it later, just go back on your list, and there it is.

it's also really great for occasions...I should've mentioned this earlier since the holidays are almost done, but oh well. Your friends and family can see what you actually like...so you don't end up with something atrocious.

check it out.


and here's my page, just as an example!


have fun, ladies.
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Rude boys! [11 Dec 2007|07:06pm]

So I finally got around to doing something that could fit a guy. If ya like ska, you'll like this.


I'm trying to do designs that i actually would wear now, i've changed a bit you know? also, if youre interested in anything else in the for sale folder, its super cheap ! bargain with me! they make great gifts!

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[01 Dec 2007|04:16pm]




Current bids are at $40, which is a measly $10 PER SHIRT!!!

Please bid!
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[29 Nov 2007|05:32pm]


Ben Sherman Polo
Ben Sherman Oxford
Gap Plaid Oxford

the current bid is at $21!! that's $5.25 per shirt!! INSANE!

Please bid or tell the ladies you know! OR! You could buy your little lady something cute to wear for christmas! she'll love you for having such good taste!!!

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Merc Harrington Burgundy [24 Nov 2007|04:21pm]


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[09 Nov 2007|01:54pm]


Ending in 4 hours!!!!

* Tonic Ben Sherman oxford
* Ben Sherman Polo
* Lonsdale Polo
* Plaid Gap Shirt

Current price is only USD$31!!! What a steal!

Please bid and help me pay my taxes!!!


I also have a selling journal with some great deals - vintage stuff, accessories, ska & reggae...lots of stuff! Please take a look! Shipping prices are included on this one, too! style_for_sale
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[07 Nov 2007|09:27pm]

in light of the sad news about GUE (i really did love that site)
i found this:

i also want to buy Rebel Beat. has anyone seen that?
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