Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote in get_up_edina,

hey everyone!

I dont know if you guys know about this site, but I'm totally, utterly obsessed with it. I've been trying to not spend ANY excess money, yet I still ache for excess shopping. It's just fun, ya know?

Anyway, I found a site called Kaboodle. it's pretty much a wishlist for the entire internet. If you're browsing online, and you see something you like, you click "add to my kaboodle", and it redirects you real quick and then you hit "ok" and it's on there. If you do want to buy it later, just go back on your list, and there it is.

it's also really great for occasions...I should've mentioned this earlier since the holidays are almost done, but oh well. Your friends and family can see what you actually you don't end up with something atrocious.

check it out.

and here's my page, just as an example!

have fun, ladies.
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