Joanna (miss_upsetter) wrote in get_up_edina,

There is yet to be a confirmed news source on the passing of Mr. Alton Ellis. For now, I will only consider this a rumor until a reliable news source posts it to be fact. There have been many rumors of his passing before, but all i've heard that is confirmed to be true is that he is fighting complications of Myeloma in London.

Alton Ellis was supposed to tour Japan later on this year, and I checked the rock-a-shacka website to find this -

This pretty much states that Alton's shows in November of this year will be postponed until after the new year due to his health, and to please pray for him.

This statement had to be posted relatively recently (as in, the last week or so) since I frequent both the R-A-S and D&B sites for podcasts.

Alton Ellis is 64 years old. Please pray for him & his family.

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